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LED Module Water proof (4pcs of 5050 led, Zinc Alloy,Electroplating shell)
Part NO. Color Wavelength LM SIZE
SS-S50504RB RED 619-635    14 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
SS-S50504YB Yellow 584-595 14 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
SS-S50504GB Green 512-528 24 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
SS-S50504BB Blue 463-475 14 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
SS-S50504WB white 5500-6500 40 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
SS-S50504CWB Cool white 9000-11000 40 37.4X37.4X4.7mm
Life span 50,000hours
Electric parameter 
Working voltage(V)                                     DC12V
Power consumption(W)                                   0.96W
Driving method                                         Constant voltage
Wires&series connection length 
Wires                                                  1007 20AWG 100mmGrey wthie E-Line
Stand length in serial connection                      20pcs
Maximum length in serial connection                    20pcs
Outer Parameter 
Shell                                                  Zinc Alloy,Electroplating
Color                                                  Bright Nickel
Fixed mode 
Screw                                                  2.5----3.0
Double-sided adhesive                                  30mmFB1610PE foma double side adhesive tape
Environment Parameter 
Working Temperature                                    -40- +50
Storage Temperature                                    -50- +60
IP grade                                               IP65

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