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Sansen Technology Company Limited has specialized in manufacturing LED Lamp, Super Flux LED, Outdoor Oval LED, SMD LED, High Power LED, LEd module water proof,  LED lighting, LED screen display etc, which are widely used in the industrial field such as products of traffic lights, automobiles, lighting devices, TV sets, computers and so on. Our the key manufacturing equipments are respectively imported from Taiwan, Japan and other countries, which represent the internationally advanced standards of the times.  

Our factories are located in Jiangsu province and Shandong province of Mainland China with area of 1,300 square meters and 600 staff, 6 production lines, which are able to output 500kkpcs each month of led lamps.  We enjoy easy material sourcing channels and convenient transportations. Our customers are mainly from overseas such as North America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, India,  Latin America, Middle East.

The organization structure of the company consists of the Quality Control, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales sections. We are a high-tech company. We can make products exclusive for our customers in time. 

The company follows the business purpose of ’’building fine works and gathering talents’’ and the quality policy of ’’boundless quality and endless pursuit" in order to manufacture the most appreciated products satisfying clients’ requirements. She research and develop the most updated products in constant progress as well as create top quality position and corporate image to meet customers’ requirements. The company is also working hard to explore and sell all kinds of semiconductors to meet customers’ desires and the worldwide servicing demands. We realized that quality and delivery on time is the key point for an enterprise to survive.

Company Organization Structure:

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